Raila reacts to Uhuru's State of the Nation address

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Raila Odinga

ODM leader Raila Odinga on Wednesday stated that President Uhuru Kenyatta's State of the Nation Address was on point to what was expected ahead of the speech.

Odinga, when questioned in regards to Kenyatta sacking government officials termed corrupt, noted that it was not the duty of the president to do that.

“I don't think it is the duty of the president to fire anybody.

“This is supposed to be the state of the nation address where in his view is the nation doing. “In that regard he did very well by highlighting key issues that affect the lives of Kenyans,” remarked Odinga.

The veteran politician further pointed out that he supported the president in the fight against corruption.

“He (The president) said that he will not compromise in the war against corruption and I share that fully.

“He also says everything has to be done in the rule of law and not going to be a jungle kind of law where one is just picked, beaten up and jailed.

“This must be however fast tracked. I think the frustration of the people of Kenya is the time taken to do these investigations but there must be an end to the investigations and prosecutions. In that regard, I totally agree with the rest of the country,” stated the ODM leader.

Raila calls for a judiciary free of corruption

The ODM leader explained that the war against graft can be made effective with a better judiciary that is free of corruption.

“If you start with a corrupt judiciary, you cannot expect to get proper justice in a country,” reiterated Odinga.


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