Identity of Riverside suicide bomber revealed

He was a terrorist on the run

Vehicles burning at the Dusit complex

Police have revealedthe identity of the armed Alshabab suicide bomber who blew himself up at Dusit complex.

Mahir Khalid Riziki blew himself up, marking the start of the 17hour siege that left all the terrorists dead along with 21 innocent people.

The 25 year old was born in Majengo area of Mombasa.

He was recruited into the extremist group by Ramadan Hamisi Kufungwa at Musa Mosque.

In the wake of a crackdown on terrorist in the region, he fled to Tanzania before proceeding to Somalia, joining the terror group Alshabaab.

His mentor Ramadhan Kufungwa is still believed to be in Somalia.

The mosque has been on the spot for nearly a decade amidst allegations that it was being used as a recruitment ground for the Alshabab militia, religious extremism and radicalization.

Intervention from the government has seen the mosque leadership replaced by a more liberal one with several radicalized youth fleeing to Somalia.

Terrorist on the run

Mahir was part of a group tasked by Alshaab to kill security officers in 2014.

He is believed to have taken part in the killing of a security officer at Royal Court Hotel alongside Ismael Mohamed Shosi alias Ismael Mmanga, a former resident of Bondeni.

He fled to Tanzania in 2014 as security agencies closed in on him before relocating to Somalia.

Sometime in 2015, he confirmed to his family that he had joined the Alshabaab and was in Somalia training with the group.

Most of his accomplices have since been killed by police after resisting arrest.

Shosi was killed by security agencies in September 27, 2016 at his hideout in Mwandoni. 


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