Murkomen: Raila is planning to officially quit October 26 repeat polls

Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga could quit the race for State House in the repeat presidential elections after...

Collapsed talks with the IEBC, pending legal uncertainties and a final blow by Jubilee to have new election laws, Senate Majority Leader and Elgeyo Marakwet County Senator Mr Kipchumba Murkomen revealed, could be the reasons Mr Odinga might cite in his final decision to quit the race.

Before leaving for the UK and later the US, Mr Murkomen said through his Twitter account, that the former Prime Minister had announced the detailed plan to eventually drop out of the race as “his irreducible minimums would not be met by the IEBC.”

“Raila Odinga is planning to drop out of the race officially any time from now but the legal uncertainties are complicating his decision. Raila hoped that by dropping out of the race he would cause a crisis but a few cases in court are complicating matters for him,” Mr Murkomen tweeted.

Mr Murkomen revealed that the decision by Mr Raila to quit the race has been complicated by a series of court cases pending determination, adding that the passing of the new yet controversial election amendment laws in the national assembly would seal all purported loopholes Nasa camp might use to create a crisis.

“Raila Hoped that by dropping out of the race he will cause a crisis but a few cases in court are complicating matters for him,” Mr Murkomen said.

He added: “Once the Election Laws Amendment Act is finally passed it will seal all the loopholes that NASA would have used to cause a political crisis.”

Evidently, Raila Odinga’s Director of Elections and Suna East Constituency lawmaker Mr Junet Mohammed argued that the decision to participate in the upcoming elections by Nasa would be a step to legitimize Mr Kenyatta’s presidency, raising questions of Nasa’s ability to clinch the seat.

Junet argued that failure by the IEBC to address the key issues raised by Nasa would be a move to make a way for Jubilee party to “easily rig through to power.”

The new move comes in the wake of cancellation of a series of Nasa campaign meetings over the weekend that was scheduled Mombasa, and instead allowed Jubilee to dangle carrots to the electorate sin the Nasa stronghold.

President Kenyatta on Sunday welcomed former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar into Jubilee part, who pledged to mobilise voters to vote in Mr Kenyatta for the second term. Two other former governors who are affiliated to Nasa joined the Jubilee camp, cementing Mr Kenyatta’s grip at the coast.


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