Nelson Havi bashes Murkomen's 'Canines' in toxic tweef

Tough confrontations there!

Senator Murkomen  then stated Nelson Havi should cease to use his vast insight and wisdom to become a ‘tumbocrat’

A ‘tumbocrat’ is an opposition politician who insatiably receives bribe from government officials in exchange for silence in parliament or when mega scandals are whistle blown, but when challenged as to why they are not playing their constitutional role of putting the government on toes, defend themselves that democracy allows for the intermingling of people of different political ideologies.

"Ideally, Kipchumba Murkomen is saying that Nelson Havi should stop using his enormous knowledge and wisdom and become a tumbocrat, using canines on wide open jaws like himself! I am allergic to mediocre anxiety and that will not change. It is a condition, not a curable disease," Nelson Havi wrote..

Nelson then bashed the Elgeyo Marakwet senator saying that he was limiting him from using his vast knowledge and wisdom.

Murkomen did not take it well and spat back saying that Nelson was suffering from an ‘exaggerated feelings of self-importance’ adding that he should cease from focusing too much on his lips and teeth shouting that he is straight!

"Just get treatment for your Narcissistic personality Disorder- exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration. I will pay your medical fees. Don’t also focus too much on my lips and teeth. I am straight."

Murkomen went ahead to say that Havi had ‘acute attention deficit’ and was ‘resorting to baby class insults’ to get admiration after he was locked out of the LSK Presidency.

The two legal representatives have depicted their scuffle for sovereignty from their tough online fight.

Apparently, Nelson Havi unsuccessfully challenged the decision to bar him from contesting the LSK Presidency.

The voting which is being overseen by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) officials is ongoing and it is expected to be completed by 5pm.

The top LSK seat attracted two candidates, Kisumu based lawyer and former East Africa Law Society chairman James Mwamu and Allen Gichuhi.


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