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Leaders take action over DP Ruto and Alfred Keter rift

Last week anti-Ruto protests broke out in Eldoret.

Anti-DP Ruto protests broke out in Eldoret minutes after the High Court quashed Mr Keter’s August 8, 2017 victory, a move which angered a section of Kalenjin elders and DP Ruto’s allies in the area.

The elders are now mooting on either to whip out Mr Keter, or reconcile them altogether in a bid to seal the widening rift, given the recent developments between the two leaders, which nearly made the lawmaker ditch Jubilee.

Led by former Minister Mr Henry Kosgey, the leaders who spoke over the weekend in the presence of DP Ruto, told Mr Keter to stop watering down DP Ruto’s efforts for the 2022 presidency.


The leaders promised a dire consequence to the rebel MP, revealing of a scheme to whip ‘Keter’ out of DP Ruto’s 2022 presidency way.

“Don’t worry about small issues around here. We will whip those involved back into line because we want our focus on 2022,” Mr Kosgey said at the AIC Bible College on Sunday.

Mr Kosgey is said to have talked to some of the rebel MPs, asking them to resolve their issues through dialogue. The former minister said leaders in the region must be humble and stop chest thumping.

2022 elections


He said the Kalenjin Community had set its eyes on 2022, when DP Ruto is expected to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta, despite the lack of clarity of the succession politics in Mount Kenya region.

“Some say 2022 far, but it’s very close,” Kosgey said. He said they would stand with DP until the end.

Embattled Keter and his Marakwet East counterpart Kagongo Bowen ships sunk last week when the High Court annulled their elections in what they termed a well-choreographed attempt by DP Ruto and Jubilee bigwigs to have them out of parliament.

Mr Keter, in particular, indirectly accused DP Ruto and President Kenyatta of their role in seeing him out of parliament after he questioned the slashed budget for agriculture and misuse of funds meant for the elderly.

Mr Keter, who addressed his supporters in Eldoret shortly after the court ruling, pointed to the recent scuffle for parliamentary leadership in various committees, linking them to his woes.


He took a swipe at the ongoing borrowing of the Ksh 200 billion by the National Government, accusing the government of exorbitant borrowing.

“I know what is going on. I, Keter, am being fought a great war from above. I know it because I am fighting corruption in the government.

“I know there is a bigger plan, but God will guide us through. I am being fought because I am fighting corruption” Mr Keter said in his address to his supporters outside the court.

“I am not shocked at all at the outcome, I expected this because I know I am in a big fight and I am being fought from the top,” said the defiant Keter.


Keter was recently bundled out of the Labour Committee in parliament after a meeting at State House. Earlier, it was reported that President Kenyatta had instructed him to step down but he refused.


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