Best Advertisements in 2018

Adverts that stole the show 2018

Illara Milk Mawowo advert dance part

When an advert is executed properly, it surpasses the initial goal and becomes something everyone attributes to.

The following are the best adverts of the year 2018:


The milk company opted for a more family approach in the Mawowo advert.

The catchy advert showcases the importance of milk especially in obtaining vitamin B2.

The milk is so good it leads to one breaking into song and dance phrase mawowo.


Having been in the shadows of safaricom and airtel, the telecommunications company decided to re-brand and came up with the slogan “Moving With You”.

The advert “Top Up and Win 50 cars in 50 days” caught the attention of Kenyans due to the phrase ‘Nani ataniscratchia’.

The add was later given the ‘slayqueen advert’ due to how the lady who stated the phrase behaved, something that is attributed to a woman referred to as a slayqueen.


The leading mobile giant in the country has always been a step forward in attracting more users to its services.

The “Jitambulishe” advert by Safaricom went viral due to its funny nature created by Kenyan comedian and actor Blessed Njugush.

The phrase ‘My voice is my password’ led to generation of memes by netizens.

Alladin World of Brands

The online app store made a name for itself with the various adverts it unveiled.

The Kenyan company incorporated children in the commercials with the funny voices of adults.

The ‘Garage’ advert with the phrase “ Gari imemwaga hemoglobin” caused the short commercial to go viral.

Tusker lite

Tusker is the oldest brand of beer with other versions of it created to keep it at the top.

The advert ‘This is my night’ was such a hit especially among young beer lovers who are more enthusiastic about the kind of fun they expect to have.

The part in the commercial where a young man is having dinner with his parents and the phone rings leading to an awkward moment which captures the interest of the audience.


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