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Catchy Slang Phrases & Words Kenyans Should Leave in 2018

Out with the old slangs


Any time a new phrase is coined, it’s used to the point of misuse making its RIP date come a lot faster than anticipated.

New Vocab

Here are some words we need to do away with because in 2019 we can’t keep using the same vocab. Let’s give Generation Z the opportunity to coin some new catchy phrases.


Now, we all love some good slang. It keeps the generation before us on their toes and the not-so-cool kids out of our business.

However,  some of us don't know how to use it or when to let it go. Case in point: ‘Lamba lolo’ it came, it saw now it’s time it goes.

If you didn’t know what ‘kieleweke’ meant, well by now you probably do. Moreso you have used the word. Can we just let it go since all the crazy campaigns are over and now we have to grapple with debt, increased taxes etc.



It’s safe to say ‘kishaeleweka’ for any Kenyan who is totally compos mentis then you know ‘kishaeleweka’. Ditch that word.

‘Ita madem niko na mzinga’ this phrase has run its course. It used to be catchy nowadays it sounds very perverted and predator-ish if you ask me. Here’s a suggestion though: Instead of using this word which sounds demining to some degree, how about having a civilized phrase to pick up girls with?

It is important to know the current day's street lingo. But, there is one thing worse than not being up to date on new slang: using words that have already been played out.

Moving on

Bora Uhai needs to be left behind. We have survived 2018, we don’t need to barely survive 2019. Some people don’t use this phrase appropriately hence why Bora Uhai needs to RIP’d in 2018.


Slang does more than just help us discuss culture, though. It is a culture. Youth culture is bolstered by the use of slang words. They act as timestamps separating the new from old and the cool from the uncool. However, some words should be left behind.


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