Chaos break out at Garissa BBI rally attended by Raila [Video]

Chaos stop BBI reggae in Garissa

Chaos break out at Garissa BBI rally attended by Raila as rival factions clash [Video]

Chaos broke out in Garissa as the pro-Building Brides Initiative brigade, led by Raila Odinga took the BBI gospel to North Eastern Kenya.

Shortly after guests, led by Odinga had taken their seats, the political rivalry between Nadhif Jama (former governor) and Ali Korane (current governor) took center stage as their supporters clashed.

The chaos threatenned to bring the event to a pre-mature end, almost stopping the BBI regge in Garissa.

Chaotic scenes were witnessed as the rival factions took on each other, even as the master of ceremony called for calm.

The clashing parties engaged in shouting matches and occupied opposite sides of the with some engaging in physical confrontation.

It took the intervention of the organizers of the event who pleaded with the crowd not to embarrass them for things to calm down.

The chaos were preceeded by protests from digruntled youth who were keen to have the region's pressing issues addresed.

Below is how things unfolded, at the Garissa BBI rally.


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