What you did not know about Raila’s Swearing-in

Interesting details on Raila's swearing-in

A section of Jubilee leaders has termed the move as unconstitutional with Attorney General Githu Muigai stating that Odinga risks being arrested.

Mr. Muigai disclosed that those involved in preparing the swearing-in ceremoniy will face the full wrath of the law.

However, the Law Society of Kenya divulged that the swearing-in of the NASA leader was not illegal.

Swearing-in Not Illegal

LSK President Isaac E.N Okero dismissed claims that Odinga’s swearing-in was treasonous.

“Any citizen can decide to swear himself in as President and call his or her local priest. How is that treasonous? It would have no legal effect,” Mr. Okero said.

At the same time, lawyer Steve Ogilo explained that the swearing-in was simply a political statement meant to mock President Uhuru Kenyatta.

What Swearing-in means

Speaking during an interview on KTN, Mr. Ogilo emphasized that NASA was simply taunting Kenyatta’s presidency as part of the Resistance Movement.

“The so-called swearing-in is not a legal process, it is a political process to continue to mock the presidency, delegitimise Uhuru’s Government. Everybody is entitled to mock anyone.

"If I want to swear myself in as the President, I do so only to mock your position but it does nt have any legal effect,” he mentioned.

Ogilo emphasized that the Government ought not to prevent NASA from holding the ceremony stating that it was inconsequential as President Kenyatta is legally recognized as the Head of State.

Speaking on the same matter LSK President reiterated: “What the legal requirement for an effective act of the assumption of office of the President required if a citizen undertakes a process that has none of those underpinnings it will still have no legal effect".


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