Flamboyant lawyer Donald B Kipkorir lectures Uhuru on Dictatorship

Donald B Kipkorir's Powerful Message to the President

Flamboyant lawyer Donald B Kipkorir has lectured President Uhuru on Dictatorial leadership.

The learned fella frankly apprised the president of the practicality of a benevolent dictatorship. Kipkorir said that this regime will only be pragmatic after the dictator has led for fifteen uninterrupted years and whose leadership has impacted positively on the economy with an annual growth rate of not less than 13%.

The billionaire’s discreet advice comes at a time when Kenya is faced with too much political controversies that have negatively impacted the economy. The ruling coalition and opposition are at loggerheads over the past elections' outcome; NASA believe the elections were sham while Jubilee believes they won and it is time to move on and develop the country.

In a long post, the lawyer clarifies the conditions under which dictatorship can be applied in the governance of a nation and how the two forms of dictatorship operate.

The attorney acquaints Uhuru with the feasibility of industrializing Kenya within the remaining four years adding that it is unless there are tangible economic resources that can bring in money fast. He added that Uhuru will probably leave office in 2022 worse or slightly better than it is.

“Your Excellency, Four Years is too short to industrialize Kenya. Unless we get huge deposits of Oil, Gas, Diamonds and Gold same time. Bottom line, you will leave Kenya in 2022, worse off or slightly better than now, but for sure not industrialized.”

The solicitor whose allegiance is pledged on NASA advises the president to focus on implementing the constitution since it is the only lasting legacy he can give this country at this point in time.

“Your advisers, may not be students of History and Politics. If they were, they will tell you that for the Four Years, the lasting legacy you can leave is solid Constitutional Order. Let the full implementation of our Constitution be what you bequeath the next Government.”

Kipkorir condemned the government for what he termed as harassment of opposition leaders adding that the court will not annul such aggravation.


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