Details of DP Ruto’s next plans after being outsmarted both in Jubilee and in government

DP Ruto swings into action after criticizing Jubilee party in recent interview

William Samoei Ruto

Days after Deputy President William Ruto admitted for the first time that he may consider ditching Jubilee in favour of a new political outfit after being outwitted both in Jubilee party and in the government, he has hit the ground running with details emerging of his only available options.

In a recent interview, a tough-talking DP Ruto expressed his disgust at the current state of affairs in the Jubilee party, blaming it on “brokers, charlatans and con men”.

“Unfortunately they have hijacked and are now running the party in fiat. Their words have become the party position. Admittedly there is a problem in the party, and it is mind boggling that we have not had any serious party meeting to discuss what should happen and all that,” Ruto said during the interview in which he singled out Vice Chairman David Murathe as the leader of the group.

Analysts opine that he will hang on to the party a little longer after clearly losing the battle to control the party and turning out to be one of its fiercest critics with his allies largely left out in the cold when it comes to party affairs and leadership positions.

Others opine that he will eventually bolt out of Jubilee with his Tanga Tanga brigade with forming a new political outfit being the only option left for DP Ruto who was at one point seen as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s automatic successor in the Jubilee party before the tune changed.

He likened the party to KANU of the 1990s where dissent had no place and those who rebelled against popular party leadership met the wrath of the party machinery.

Hours after the scathing remarks, DP Ruto hit the ground running to popularize his 2022 bid despite the Covid-19 pandemic that has seen political meetings reduce significantly.

'Project Ruto' and Mombasa tour

Ruto headed to the Coastal city of Mombasa where he expressed confidence that the youth will rally behind him and see him win the 2022 contest.

“I have confidence in the youths and believe we shall be together till the end of this journey,” said Ruto while issuing free National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) cards to 500 elderly people in Nyali Constituency.

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar who decamped to the DP Ruto bandwagon reiterated that he will give his all to the 'Project Ruto' stating:

“It is time that we take Ruto and put him at the helm where we can achieve the same goals as a nation”.


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