4 Questions DP Ruto refused to answer during NTV interview with Mark Masai

DP Ruto interview, was it a fail or success?

The DP is also a master when it comes to steering interviews to favour him and the agenda he is pushing.

On Sunday night, was not any different when he was being interviewed on NTV by news anchor Mark Masai.

Using many word to express himself, DP Ruto was able to evade several questions asked by Mr. Masai either tactfully or bluntly stating that he will not offer a response.

Pulselive.co.ke has compiled some of the questions Mr. Ruto did not answer during the interview that was of interest to many Kenyans.

1. How much he was worth.

DP Ruto has in the recent past attracted controversy over the source of his wealth with many questioning how he has accumulated his 'immense wealth'.

Hustler number one as he refers to himself was pinned down to declare how much he was worth but cleverly found a way out of the controversial question.

Masai: Would you tell us how much you are worth?

Ruto: If you want to know the size of my bank account that is a conversation we can have?

Masai: What is the source of your wealth?

Ruto: How is that important to you? Would you want us to discuss how much you are worth?

Masai: Wouldn’t this be part of the lifestyle audit?

Ruto: When the time comes William Ruto will be on the queue.

He went on to rubbish claims that he owns several hotels, choppers and houses describing the allegations as rumour mills.

2. His visit to Mzee Moi’s home.

Ruto was cornered to explain his relationship with Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, who is also the son of retired President Daniel Moi.

He seemed cagey when this question was shot as it followed with his visit to Mzee Moi’s home a few months back, where he was reportedly blocked from seeing the former President.

Masai: What is your relationship with Gideon Moi like?

Ruto: Gideon Moi relates to me like all other senators do.

Masai: How about the visit to Mzee Moi where you were allegedly blocked.

Ruto: Those are private matters. We can discuss other issues. I do not see how that is relevant to the public.

3. Whether his tanga tanga mission is a political campaign.

It was curious how the Deputy President defended his countrywide visits that have since gained the monicker tangatanga missions.

Masai was straightforward with Ruto and wanted a yes or no answer as to whether his visits were early political campaigns ahead of the 2022 General Election.

But somehow he managed not to answer the question by stating that he was simply doing his work as the second in command, a seat he has occupied since 2013.

Mark: Is it a campaign or not?

Ruto: Nothing has changed.

Mark: So is it a campaign or not a campaign.

Ruto: Nothing has changed. Do you know the job of a Deputy President?

When questioned about his frequent visits to the Coast, a region perceived to be National Super Alliance (NASA) stronghold, Ruto dismissed claims that he was trying to woe the Opposition politicians.

“What I am doing now is what I have always done as Deputy President in 2013. If you count my visits to the Coast from then they are as numerous as the ones I am doing today,” he said.

4. Racism at the SGR

The NTV anchor also questioned DP Ruto about the explosive racism reports at the Standard Gauge Railway which indicated that Kenyans working there were being subjected to inhumane treatment, harassment, discrimination and unfair working conditions.

The DP ignored the question of racism and opted to answer how beneficial the SGR has been to Kenyans.


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