Posh car being sold for 32,000 goes viral

Crazy deal!

The story was published by local media after the Auditor General Edward Ouko cited several examples of expensive government vehicles being sold far below their value.

“Some of the top-of-the-range vehicles were sold for as low as Sh32,000 with no visible damage and had a reserve price of Sh30,000, attracting a bid price of Sh100,000, but still ended up fetching only Sh32,000 and from a different bidder,” the Auditor General’s report showed in part.

The Volkswagen Passat were purchased in 2009 after then-finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta issued a directive banning government officials from using cars with an engine capacity of more than 3000cc.

A spot check by Pulselive.co.ke showed that a second-hand 2009 model of the VW Passat goes for around Sh1.3 million.

Ouko also cited another incident in which a Nissan Patrol that had a reserve process of Sh100,000 received a higher bid of Sh1.8 million but was instead sold to a lower bid Sh130,000.

The Auditor General called for the prosecution of ministry officials and the auctioneer who was procured to carry out the sale.

The story was widely shared on social media, with Kenyans expressing anger at the level of corruption, while others derived comic relief - wondering where they could fetch such deals.

Political analyst Alex Awiti called for President Kenyatta to repossess the vehicles, "This is insane! should order fill investigation. Meanwhile all the sold vehicles should be returned to the state! Greed in Kenya is like a Hydra, many heads, many guises".

"That is possible,juu the buyer and seller is one person," Ali Hassan said.

"Am looking for a where do I make the deposit?" Mike Angatia tweeted.


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