Details have emerged claiming that top National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) got busted by sleuths because of text messages they exchanged.

Court documents indicated that NHIF boss Geoffrey Mwangi and Director of Finance Wilbert Kurgat got into trouble due to text messages sent by the former on November 21 at 11.46am advising the latter not to cooperate with investigators.

Court Records

Mwangi directed Mr Kurgat not to furnish investigators with the vouchers that NHIF used to pay Webtribe, the court records claim.

A text message allegedly sent from Mwangi’s phone and submitted before the court read: "Hi, do not give those guys. Tell its part of vouchers they took from your office. They also need to come to me.”

Another text message allegedly sent by Mwangi read: “Do not give them, tell them you are looking for them, they give you time and they need to inform me. Actually, tell them they took them."

Court records indicated that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) was investigating a multi-million shilling contract issued to Webtribe Limited.

The detectives assigned to the case were interested in the payments and books touching on the IT firm's contract with the hospital fund.

Forensic Investigations

It was also established that the decision to charge the two originated from a forensic investigation from social media, between September 18 and November 23.

Mwangi and Kurgat had objected to the charges, claiming the books that the DCI investigators claimed they had blocked them from accessing had not been specified.

The State maintained that both the NHIF CEO and the Finance director blocked investigators from accessing crucial documents needed in the probe.

On Monday the DCI launched investigations after auditors sent by the Health Ministry claimed to have received death threats.