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Fire Breaks Out At T-Mall

A fire broke out inside T-Mall on Wednesday morning.


The fire broke out at a restaurant located inside the mall.


Luckily no casualties were reported, as firefighters were dispatched to the scene and contained the incident.


The fire broke out at the Vegi Veg which is located on the third floor. The cause of the fire has not yet been established.

Although the incident did not get out of control, Kenyans on Twitter noted that the fire brigade are quick to salvage situations at high-end premises but the slums do not get the same treatment.

"Fire brigades got to Tmall to contain fire wish they could be this fast getting to slams when on fire," Ayuku Otundo, a Tweep stated.

Firefighters Response


In 2017, the firefighters came under attack from Kenyans for their slow response when Moi Girls' High School dormitory went up in flames. The fire claimed the lives of 10 students.

In the case of slow response during fire outbreaks in slums, poor access to roads and damage to fire hydrants during road construction were listed as some of the challenges the Nairobi Disaster Management Unit faces during fires outbreaks.


Most areas, especially in the slums, have poor road networks, making it difficult for firefighters to arrive on time.


A report released by the Kenya National Fire Brigade Association (KENFIBA) stated that currently there is only one firefighter for every 83,333 Kenyans.

According to a report on the People Daily, Kenyans are at a high risk of dying from fire incidences due to lack of firefighting resources.


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