Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has responded to political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi after he put up a poll saying that the soul of GEMA nation was on sale and the auctioneer was Deputy President William Ruto.

In his response, Kuria said that it was the Constitutional duty of the GEMA people to choose who to support even if the decision is stupid.

He then told off Ngunyi, asking him to take his so called intelligence to Bondo and stop insulting the GEMA Nation.

Dear @MutahiNgunyi stop insulting the GEMA Nation. It is our constitutional right to be stupid or even to take rat poison for breakfast. Take your intelligence to Bondo,” tweeted Moses Kuria.

Mutahi Ngunyi
Mutahi Ngunyi

Mutahi Ngunyi’s poll asked the GEMA people if they should either fight back or surrender because Ruto has won, or recall MPs and Senators.

The SOUL of GEMA Nation is on SALE. And the AUCTIONEER is William Ruto. Fight or NOT?” read Ngunyi’s tweet.

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