Top NASA official reveals next course of action after Raila’s Major announcement

The NASA official announced the next steps the coalition will take after Uhuru was declared President-elect.

Speaking after Raila’s big announcement about the next course that the coalition will take, Mbadi said that they will not go to the courts this time round as there was no Election according to them.

He added that they will govern themselves directly since they did not recognize Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency as legitimate.

NASA leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday October 31, announced that he would start the process of forming his own parallel government.

According to the former Prime Minister, NASA would split into two main wings - the Parliamentary wing and Resistance wing.

"The resistance movement shall entail economic boycott, peaceful protests, different types of demonstrations to give no peace to this government.

"If there is no justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government," he stated.

Under the Parliamentary wing, there would be what Odinga termed as a People's Assembly that would comprise of elected leaders, religious leaders, workers, and civil society.

“In the people's assembly we will also discuss about the secession”


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