Justina Wamae agrees to attend party disciplinary hearing

August 26th 2022, 1:49:55 pm

Roots Party presidential running mate Justina Wamae has agreed to attend her disciplinary hearing convened by party leader Professor George Wajackoyah.

Justina Wamae

Wamae confirmed that she will appear before the disciplinary committee slated on August 26th stating she will attend the meeting out of respect for the political party.

The 2022 presidential running mate reshared a clip where Prof. Wajackoyah had attended a media interview and he stated that he did not believe in forming a campaign secretariat given that his "brain cannot be conjugated in anything, there are so many mindsets here".

In her rebuttal, Wamae stated: "George Wajackoyah, because I respect institutions even INFORMAL in a BRAIN, I will honour the summon."

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Roots Party leader summoned his running mate accusing her of contradicting the party’s manifesto, and its leaders and making statements that resulted in the ridicule of the party.

Wajackoya had communicated the disciplinary through the Roots Party legal director Washika Wachira on Monday.

George Wajackoyah summoned his running mate in the recently concluded presidential election Justina Wamae for a disciplinary hearing.

Wjackoya accuse the lady of going against the party manifesto and making negative comments that leads to ridicule

Take notice that we have instructions from the party leader to demand, which we hereby do, that you cease and desist from speaking, uttering, or purporting to speak on behalf of the Roots Party of Kenya.

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The party expressed displeasure at Wamae’s utterances on various media houses as well as social media, where she acknowledged the election of President-elect William Ruto.

The document revealed that Wajackoyah’s running mate was being housed by the party which had also granted her a vehicle for use but had blocked the party officials.

Roots party presidential running mate Justina Wamae revealed that she would serve diligently at the Kenya Kwanza government if offered a position.

Speaking during an interview at Muoroto FM on Tuesday, Wamae justified her interest to join the Kenya Kwanza government stating that President-elect William Ruto's manifesto is similar to Roots Party's 10-point manifesto that aimed to achieve economic liberation.

Further, Justina disclosed that she had once applied for a principal secretary position in the Jubilee government but she was not offered one.

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