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Nation Journalist reveals why he has Mzee Moi's briefcase

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Ngotho, who is known for his expertise in penning down historical anecdotes, revealed the interesting events that saw him acquire Mr. Moi’s briefcase as a souvenir.

According to Mr. Ngotho, his name was whispered in Moi’s ears in 2002 when the retired President endorsed Uhuru Kenyatta to run for the presidency.

The President was seeking to revamp Mr. Kenyatta’s campaign strategy in a bid to beat that of the Opposition, who had gained momentum in the country with its Moi Must Go campaign.


The journalist’s exemplary writing skills and a good grasp of Kenya’s politics saw him dine with Moi at his Kabarak home becoming a living proof of the Holy Book’s promise that your skills will help you stand before Kings.

Moi had sought the help of Ngotho through Joseph Kaguthi, a long-serving Moi-era civil servant, to outline Uhuru’s campaign booklet.

Upon completion of the work, Ngotho received his payment at State House, where the money was presented in a briefcase.

“He came back with a briefcase which he handed to me as he said. ‘Well, I have given you what you asked for and added something small for fuel’.

“I still retain as a souvenir the briefcase given to me by the President that day — only that it has never been re-filled and remains empty,” he said.


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