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Uhuru’s lawyer explains what will happen if Kenya refuses to pay Chinese loans

About 66 percent of Kenya's debt is owed to the Chinese

According to Abdullahi, there is no legal obligation for Kenya and other African countries to pay back the huge loans advanced by the Chinese.

The lawyer said that the fact that Chinese companies give huge bribes to government officials to sign the loans is enough to nullify the contractual agreements.


“Under international law African countries are under NO legal obligation to pay back a cent of Chinese loans. China induced African leaders through bribes/kickbacks to sign loan agreements under unfavourable terms to African countries but favourable inducements to African leaders.”

“And the Chinese when they give kickbacks in Africa, generously pay both the leaders in opposition and the ruling party. That is why both NASA and Jubilee fully support the RGS (sic) in Kenya...the Chinese are very considerate people!” the lawyer tweeted.

Economists and political leaders have raised concerns over the growing debt Kenya owes to China, and which could continue to escalate in the coming months as President Kenya seeks financing for the extension of the SGR from Naivasha to Kisumu.


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