Kipchumba Murkomen sets Twitter on fire with a public apology to Miguna Miguna

I apologize on behalf of those who kept silent when u went through through untold suffering- Murkomen

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen

Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen on Saturday offered unreserved apology to deported opposition activist Miguna Miguna and netizens were quick to question his intentions with some alleging that the "system" was now after the vocal lawmaker.

Taking to Twitter, Murkomen apologized for keeping silent at a time when Miguna was at odds with the state, leading to his deportation with the state declining to allow him in despite court directing so.

“I apologize on behalf of those who kept silent when u went through through untold suffering.I apologize on behalf of your”friends”who like Judas sold u for 30 pieces of silver&now are absorbed in filling their stomachs at ur expense.Pole on behalf of all human rights hypocrites.” Murkomen wrote.

Murkomen who was then a leading player in Jubilee that was keen to see Miguna Miguna deported on allegations that he is not a Kenyan citizen clarified his stand on the whole issue.

“I never said Miguna is not a Kenyan. I however kept quiet as he suffered. But there are those who violated several court orders and should take the earliest opportunity to rewrite their wrongs.” He added.

Makau Mutua questioned the sudden change in Murkomen stating: "Why has DP Ruto’s attack dog Murkomen gone mute? The kitchen must have gotten too hot".

The Elgeyo Marakwet Senator stated that the whole ordeal was a learning point to him and urged others to defend human rights.

Miguna responds

“In my short political career, I have learned that we must not allow citizen rights to be violated for short term political gains. We must defend human rights for all even for those we don’t agree with politically. Political interests are temporary human rights are God given!” He added.

His apology was accepted by the self-declared NRM general who maintained that everyone must declare their stand in the fight against impunity and human rights violations.

“Thanks for the public apology, my brother @Kipmurkomen. I hope that you have learnt what History has taught us for eons that there is no neutrality in the struggle for justice. Today it might be me who is being brutalized but tomorrow it might be anyone.” Wrote Miguna.


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