NASA lawyer announces important item supporters should carry to rally tomorrow

NASA lawyer gives supporters important instruction

Edwin Sifuna encouraged all Opposition followers to come with their bibles to the service that has since been termed illegal by the police.

Nairobi Police commandant Japheth Koome warned NASA against holding the event stating that: "It’s clearly indicated in the Public Order Act Chapter 56 that if anybody intends to hold a public gathering, you must inform the local OCS.

"But up to this moment, nobody at all has notified any of my station commanders about any other meeting on Tuesday. We are not aware about it. We have not been notified. So, whoever thinks he has intentions to do that [and] he does not involve police, why don’t you tell that person that the law will deal with such a situation firmly?" he posed.

However, Mr. Sifuna rubbished Koome’s warning stating that the police had been informed about the meeting.

"We have on behalf of NASA notified Soweto and Embakasi Police Stations with a copy to Mr. Koome of the memorial tomorrow. Attendees are encouraged to bring their Bibles," Sifuna said.

The Opposition vowed to hold the memorial service the same day as President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta's inauguration.

The Alliance will be memorizing 28 individuals allegedly killed by police officers during NASA demos.

The NASA leaders noted that they do not recognise Mr. Kenyatta as the President stating that they would use all legal means to paralyse his Government.


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