Details of Sharon’s message to Obado’s wife that angered Migori governor

Sharon sent several messages to Obado's wife

The details are contained in the lengthy statement Obado made to detectives during his eight-hour grilling session on Tuesday.

The Governor painted the story of an ambitious young lady who lured him into a pregnancy, and blackmailed him with outrageous financial demands.

Obado also told the police that Sharon had shared details of their love affair with his wife Hellen, and one of his sons.

According to the County boss, the love affair started in November after Sharon pursued her for a long period.

Obado said he had several dates with Sharon but was unaware of the varsity student’s marital status and the fact that she was a mother to two kids.

In April, Sharon informed her of her pregnancy, and demanded to be moved to Nairobi.

In May, Obado introduced Sharon to an estate agent and committed to buy her a Sh10 million apartment – an offer she declined.

According to the Governor’s statement, she insisted on a Sh35 million house in Westlands which Obado refused to purchase. She later requested a Sh25 million house which was also rejected.

It was then that Sharon started sending messages to Obado’s wife and kids.

In one message, she is said to have sent a photo of her baby bump to one of Obado’s sons, with the caption; “I am carrying your brother, send it to your mother.”

After the messages reached his wife, Obado said he confessed everything to his immediate family and cut off communications with his student lover.

Far from the Sh10 million offer he had initially offered, the Governor downscaled his offer to a maximum of two acres in Rongo – something Sharon was unwilling to accept.

The Rongo University student was killed before they could come to an agreement with the governor, who told the police that he had no motive to kill her as the information she had 'was already known to his family and to Migori'.


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