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Miguna exposes how police organised 34 goons to harass and sodomise him in police cells

"I thought they were mungiki," Miguna stated

Miguna made the revelation at the Kajiado Law Courts, a few hours before he was unceremoniously exiled out of his country of birth.

The outspoken lawyer recounted his ordeal in the hands of the state, stating that he was arrested by people he described as dread-locked and rugged.

"They did not say they were police.  They never identified themselves. They bombed their way into the house and they were rugged and dread-locked,  i thought they were Mungiki," Miguna stated.


He added that one of the officers had dropped a piece of paper which he showed to the media - a list of 34 people each allocated a different task of harassing him.

"One of the them dropped something very interesting, a list of 34 people to do all manner of things to me including one to sodomise me. That is the police," Miguna stated.

The list, seen by  listed one person allocated to sodomy, seven for PBC, 24 for PBC while the rest were not legible.

Miguna further revealed that he was badly mistreated in the five days he was in police custody,  except for Monday where he stayed at the Industrial area police station.

"All these places are not fit for human beings.  Only at Industrial  area did i get decent conditions... I plan on suing the OCS Lari police station thousand times - he is the worst tribalist, " he narrated.


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