How Miguna wrestled Ruto to the ground in front of GSU officers


Nearly every Kenyan politician has at one time or another been at the receiving end of Miguna’s razor-sharp tongue.

However, one politician has been the victim of a physical attack by the NRM General.

Miguna, in his popular book, Peeling Back the mask, narrates an incident in 2007 when he dramatically wrestled former Bomet Governor Isaack Ruto in front of GSU officers.

According to the exiled lawyer, ODM leaders had camped at the KICC where the 2007 election results were to be announced.

However, the results had been delayed at some point when ODM presidential candidate had commanded a clear lead against former President Mwai Kibaki.

Miguna, and other ODM leaders were convinced that the delay was meant to rig in Kibaki, and had pressured then electoral commission chair Samuel Kivuitu to announce the election.

When Odinga finally entered KICC, there was a huge commotion that left his bodyguards overpowered and outnumbered.

At that moment, Miguna noticed a man moving closer to Odinga and in his typical bravery, the well-built lawyer pounced on the man before pinning him to the ground.

The other ODM leaders quickly notified Miguna that he had tackled one of their own.

Here is Miguna’s own description of the include:

Raila’s security detail was overpowered and outnumbered. Before we could reach the door, an enraged GSU officer aimed his baton at Balala’s head but missed narrowly.

It grazed his temple before landing heavily on his left shoulder. Balala, startled, moved quickly to his right, causing pandemonium. In the confusion, I saw a man edging closer to Raila.

I quickly tackled him to the ground, and was still holding him by the scruff of his neck, when I heard Omingo Magara shouting, “Hey Miguna, that’s one of our MPs!” I let go of the man quickly, apologised, climbed the steps and exited the KICC through the main entrance.

The man I had nearly squashed was Chepalungu MP-elect, Isaack Ruto.


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