NASA to burn Uhuru’s portraits

Pull them down and we will have a bonfire

Speaking during a press conference at Okoa Offices in Lavington Mr. Miguna firmly stated that NRM members will be supplied with the portraits of People’s President Raila Odinga, who was sworn into office on January 30, 2018, at Uhuru Park.

“And starting today we are ordering NRM members and soldiers to take down Uhuru Kenyatta’s portrait from all your homes, businesses and all premises you occupy. Take Uhuru Kenyatta’s portraits down,” he said.

The outspoken lawyer added: “We are going to produce legitimate portraits of the President of the Republic of Kenya and we are going to distribute them ourselves. Let no crook purport to be producing these portraits because we are going to do it in an organized fashion”.

The Canadian-based lawyer highlighted that a huge bonfire will be set up at a later date to burn the portraits.

He insisted that President Kenyatta was an illegitimate Head of State noting: "We did not vote for Uhuru Kenyatta on August 8, 2017, and what happened on October 26 was not an election, it was a disported coronation exercise".


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