Human Rights activists and former Starehe Constituency Hopeful Boniface Mwangi has penned down a bold statement to President Uhuru Kenyatta hours after the deportation of Miguna Miguna.

Through his Social media Platforms, the Ukweli Party Leader has termed Miguna’s deportation as an act of cowardice that has gone against the constitution.

He added that Miguna had not committed any crime and he if he did, Kenya has enough laws to jail criminals.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta is a coward. Deporting Miguna Miguna is an act of cowardice and against the constitution. Miguna is a Kenyan Citizen by birth. He didn’t commit any crime because if he did, we have enough laws to jail criminals. He was deported illegally for speaking truth to power.” wrote Boniface Mwangi

According to Mwangi, if the Raila Odinga’s swearing-in amounts to treason, then the government should arrest Raila himseklf.

“If treason was committed then he should have Raila Odinga arrested but since Uhuru is a coward, he won’t. To those of us Uhuru can’t deport, prepare to be killed for speaking the truth. ” Reads Part of Boniface Mwangi’s Statement

On Tuesday, the Government deported the Self-proclaimed NRM General under unclear circumstances.

Distress call

Reports indicated that the Canadian Government made a distress call to Kenya after Miguna was arrested and held incommunicado for five days without access to his family or a lawyer.

In a report by the Daily Nation, an official at the Interior and Coordination divulged that the Canadian Government expressed concerns over the harassment of Mr. Miguna, who is also a Citizen of the foreign nation.

He was deported on Tuesday night despite High Court orders to police to have him presented in court on Wednesday at 11 am.