Joho makes worrying announcement after Raila started resistance movement

The governor's announcement appears to sharply differ from the position taken by Odinga.

Joho led a group of coastal leaders in announcing their decision to start a campaign for the region to secede from the Republic of Kenya.

The Mombasa Governor stated that they had started a consultative process that will be led by elected leaders to allow the Coast region to gain full autonomy from the Republic of Kenya.

Among the leaders who supported Joho’s declaration included his Kilifi counterpart Amason Kingi and Kilifi Senator Stewart Madzayo.

Madzayo will also chair a consultative team that will consult with various stakeholders and make proposals on the secession process.

“We shall you all means, both local and international to enable us realize our quest to secede from the region,” Joho stated.

Although the Mombasa Governor is a prominent member of the NASA coalition, he did not associate his proposal with the Opposition coalition.

NASA leader Raila Odinga has in the past denounced secession and explained that his reform quest did not seek to alienate any part of this country.


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