New Nyeri Governor makes worrying demands, 2 days after taking office

The new governor was sworn in on Monday at a ceremony snubbed by all 46 governors.

On Tuesday, the Nyeri County approved Sh14 million to purchase a new car for the governor and Sh35 million to build a house for the County boss.

The approvals were made after the executive presented a supplementary budget which was supported by a majority of the MCAs.

The official governor’s car was written off after an accident that killed the late governor Dr Wahome Gakuru.

It is not clear which model the County intends to buy at the cost of Sh14 million or why they did not wait for the insurance to pay after Mercedes Benz E250 was written off.

After the bill was passed, Kahiga was quick to defend the new expenditure, stating that the official governors’ cars were faulty.

““Up to today, I keep asking everybody who bothers to listen. How did Wahome Gakuru find himself in the Mercedes Benz outside Nyeri when we had agreed with him not to use it because it was faulty. He told me three or four times, my brother this car will one day kill me,” Kahiga remarked.

He also defended the Sh35million for construction of the the Governor’s official house.

“The commission notified county governments that governors, their deputies, and speakers will not receive house allowances starting June 2013,” the new Governor stated.

A police report had stated that Gakuru's car accident was caused by a tyre burst.


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