Sonko surfaces with damning allegations, responds to reports of going back to Shimo la Tewa prison

Sonko fires back as vipindiree continues

File image of Mike Sonko

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has emerged with damning allegations while responding to reports that authorities at Shimo la Tewa Prison want him put behind bars to complete an earlier sentence and have him charged for the offense of escaping from prison.

In his response, Sonko sensationally accused some officials at the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of underhand dealings, alleging that they had gone to the extent of attempting to steal high court records that cleared Sonko.

He maintained that the said officials are keen on misleading the public and painting him as criminal on the run at a time when he is innocent.

The embattled governor stated that the alleged sentence at Shimo la Tewa prison is neither here nor there as the same had been “quashed and reduced to period already served by the high court vide High court criminal appeal no. 80 of 2001”.

“Mara Sonko required to go back to Shimo la tewa prison to serve the remaining sentence in criminal cases 1727 of 1996 and 675 of 1997 chief magistrate's court Mombasa of 6 months each for failing to attend court ( not rape, murder or stealing). They're not telling Kenyans that the same sentences were quashed and reduced to period already served by the high court vide High court criminal appeal no. 80 of 2001.

"They were even attempting to steal the high court records but it never worked.” Sonko slammed.

On allegations that he received kickbacks amounting to millions from companies doing business with the couny government, Sonko maintained his innocence.

“It is like some of these Eacc guys thinking they will scare and silence me by misleading the public ati Sonko received 39m kickbacks from companies ( if I wanted to steal I could have stolen billions coz I have managed over 70B in 2 years).” Added the county boss.

Taking in to The Lord in Prayer

The embattled governor sought to motivate his supporters, stating: “Watu wangu, sometimes you wonder why you experience big challenges in your life but I want you to know that they are proportional to your level. Do not allow your challenges including your past to affect you in any way”.

He also found hope in the Bible, quoting “1 Cor 10:13 And God is faithful; he will not let you to be tempted beyond what you can bear…”

This is the latest in what has come to be known as vipindiree with the governor treating the public to his theatrics in his quest to clear his name, tackle corruption cartels and serve the residents of Nairobi.


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