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Mututho comments on Wajackoyah's marijuana legalization plan

Mututho, the famous politician behind Kenya's Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, has offered his assessment of Prof Wajackoyah's campaign to legalize marijuana

John Mututho slams George Wajackoyah over Marijuana legalization plans

Former Naivasha MP John Mututho has hit out at Roots Party presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah over his plan to legalize marijuana in Kenya.

Mututho said Wajackoyah’s idea to legalize marijuana was ill-thought citing challenges other countries that have tried to focus on farming of marijuana have faced.

The politician, who is most famous for developing Kenya's Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2010, stated that the thought that the economy would be revamped by narcotics was not right.

“Nobody disputes his 17 degrees, but am disputing his wisdom that cannabis can make the economy revamp to the extent of being a superpower if that’s the case then how come a whole province in Ethiopia where cannabis is legal is still suffering?” Mututho queried.


The Nakuru senatorial candidate said should Wajackoyah win the presidency, he will call for his impeachment for misleading the country.

“He should pray that I become a senator so that I can impeach him for giving a wrong indicator that the economy would be revamped a narcotic substance,” Mututho noted.

Mututho said countries such as China and India were brought down by the legalization of cannabis adding that Wajackoyah needed to be arrested for misinforming the public.

“The DCI director is a straight forward person, do your job, If Wajackoyah is having that stuff, lock him up and call us as your witness,” Mututho said.


Mututho further noted that based on the patients he has at the John Mututho rehabilitation centre the country was facing a big problem regarding drug abuse and allowing the discussion on marijuana legalization to continue was putting the country in more problems.

Prof. George Wajackoyah in his bid for the presidency says he would legalize marijuana which the country would export to pay the rising national debts.

“Farming bhang will help Kenyans have enough money, we are going to export it. We're going to grow it and export it.

"I'm just back from the United States and Canada during my research and trust me, there are so many companies in the US that have their hand trying out and telling me please we have the market ready here Canada,” Wajackoyah said in a past interview.


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