Mutahi Ngunyi exposes the controversial business Uhuru engages in at night

Uhuru is one thing by day and another at night

In his analysis titled: Uhuru Kenyatta's Undercover Methods: A Report Card, Mr. Ngunyi and his group of lawyers hypothesized that President Kenyatta could be behind the divisions evolving in the Raila Odinga-led National Super Alliance (NASA).

According to the controversial analyst, Mr. Kenyatta was strategically ignoring engaging in politics during the day but at night he could be pulling strings meant to destabilize the Opposition.

"Uhuru is an invisible operator now you see him now you don’t. During the day Uhuru does the Big Four but at night he meddles in the affairs of NASA, beating one leader against the other. During the day Uhuru hates politics but at night Uhuru eats politics,” one of the lawyers said.

Ngunyi added: “Can the REAL Uhuru Kenyatta PLEASE STAND UP! By DAY Uhuru is one thing. By NIGHT Uhuru is another thing. This is MACHIAVELLI himself. And It is BRILLIANT!"

The  analyst said this at a time when NASA co-principal Musalia Mudavadi has opposed Mr. Odinga’s call for an election in August.

Mr Mudavadi instead called on the Opposition to focus n the 2022 General election stating the country was not ready to hold another election, “as there are no funds and the legal parameters do not hold.”

“I was asking our MPs, have you made provision for a fresh presidential election? They said no. Issues like this, in my view, need to be financed 90 per cent by the citizens themselves, and that can only be through the budget,” Mr Mudavadi said.

At the same time, the political scientist also suggested that Mr. Kenyatta and the Mr. Odinga could be meeting privately.

“This is why the country is satbilising. In fact I won’t be surprised if Uhuru and Raila meet regularly. We must entertain this thought because nations are made from such absurdities," the analysis suggests.


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