Nicholas Biwott leaves nothing for his 3 wives in shocking will

How Biwott shared his billions

According to the will, Biwott wanted all his property be held by his first wife, Israeli-born Johanna Catherine Kiprono Biwott.

The other wives, Senator Margaret Kamar, Callister Mathews and Elizabeth Kattar were not included in the will, although their children were bequeathed a substantial share of the estate.

The six-page will listed Esther Koimett (Elizabeth’s daughter), Rhoda Jacobson and Rita Field Marshal (Catherina’s daughters), Klara Biwott, Gloria Biwott and Immanuel Biwott (Callister’s children) and Maria Biwott, his daughter with Senator Kamar, as the sole heirs.

The children were to get one fourteenth of his estate, a similar share was to be placed in trust for Biwott’s grandchildren – they would receive it upon attaining the age of 25.

During his era as the all-powerful politician, Biwott was reported to be worth billion with numerous interests in nearly all sectors of the economy.

The Kroll report had stated that the deceased politician invested in, among others, Yaya Centre, Kenol-Kobil, and Air Kenya Ltd.

It also reported him having interest in HZ Construction Company as well as Safaricom.

However, in his will, the man notoriously nicknamed “total man” did not list any of these businesses but only included various pieces of land spread across the country.

He added that he would award his business partners all the shares where he was a co-owner.

Desterio Oyatsi and Kenneth Hamish - and an employee of Yaya Towers Nairobi, Elisabeth Klem, as the executors of Biwott's will.


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