NASA - IEBC standoff as IEBC refuses to meet their demands

NASA and IEBC at a standoff as NASA demands not met

Their conditions have been rejected as IEBC has already made an agreement with Al Ghurair to print the presidential ballot papers.

OT Morpho will still be providing the technology for the elections.

NASA’s demands to IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba and other commission members removed have also faced the same fate. In a letter wired to the opposition, the IEBC CEO stated that they will not be reshuffling or dismissing anyone and that anyone who was found in any wrongdoing will be dealt with according to IEBC personnel guidelines.

Other conditions for their participation are that Jubilee drop their Elections Laws Amendment Bill which President Uhuru has insisted will not be dropped and procedures for adoption of the same is ongoing in Parliament.

NASA have vowed that they will call for mass action every Monday and Friday until their demands are met.

The presidential candidate Raila Odinga stated in Vihiga on Saturday that they will boycott the elections until their demands are met.

“We do not fear going to the polls, so long as there is a level playing field for all of us,” he said.


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