Uhuru-Sonko private meeting that led to Miguna’s nomination

Is Uhuru part of this?

According to Mr. Ngunyi and his Fort Hall School of Government lawyers, Mr. Kenyatta and Sonko allegedly held the talks during a helicopter ride to Solai, where the two were attending a memorial service of the 47 people killed in the Patel dam tragedy.

"It all started in Solai last week. According to Duale, Uhuru and Sonko flew in the same helicopter to the Solai funeral and they flew back to Nairobi together. Then from nowhere Sonko did the unthinkable that night, he nominated Miguna," the political scientist noted.

The analyst insisted that Miguna's proposal was all the work of President Kenyatta.

Mr. Ngunyi theorized that Miguna’s nomination was a strategy by Mr. Kenyatta and the Jubilee Government to make him a kingpin of Nyanza and Western regions.

According to the political analyst, Mr. Miguna was being prepared to take over from NASA leader and Opposition chief Raila Odinga.

“The Miguna nomination has an element of surprise but the surprise is not in the nomination, it is in the possibilities ahead. Miguna is not the project, the project is the Raila succession and Miguna is the lucky vehicle engineered to inherit Raila Making him deputy Governor is a stepping stone to create him the new leader of the Luo Nation,” the analyst claimed.

The lawyers further speculated that if Miguna accepts the offer and comes back to the country, a heroic welcome would be organized for him, taking away the thunder from Mr. Odinga.

Mr. Miguna was deported to Canada under controversial circumstances after taking part in the swearing-in of Mr. Odinga as the People’s President.

Ngunyi encouraged Mr. Miguna to take up the position stating that it was not simply a Deputy Governor’s job but a path for him to succeed the former Prime Minister.

"You cannot inherit Raila by heckling him, you inherit Raila by embracing him. Miguna’s choice is therefore simple, he can run his mouth until it forms or run Nairobi and inherit Raila," Ngunyi advised.


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