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Mohammed Ali lands in trouble after asking a controversial question in Parliament

Mohammed Ali on the spot

Mr. Chumo, who is facing corruption related charges at the energy firm, was before the Parliamentary Committee on Finance, Planning and Trade after he was nominated as chairman of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

While probing Chumo on his integrity, Mohammed bluntly called Chumo corrupt, something that did not settle well with Kipkelion East Joseph Kirui Limo, who is the chair of the committee.

"Mr Chumo I can see you are a presidential nominee for this position, the same president who is telling us to fight corruption. And you have been in Kenya Power lighting company, the company that has fleeced Kenyans a lot of money through corruption.


"You are in court on corruption charges, you have the full guts to sit in front of us to demand for this job and yet you have not settle your issues with the courts to be declared whether you are guilty or not. You are here demanding for this job yet you know that you are a corrupt person," he said.

At this point, the former KTN investigative journalist was cut short by Mr. Limo who demanded that he withdraws his statements and apologise.

Limo warned Ali against not complying with the house rules noting: "I gave you the benefit of doubt because I thought you could ask him a question that was not incriminating by nature."

"You cannot conclude that we have a corrupt person sitting with us, you can only say that he is a suspect. Let us be guided,” he told off Ali.

After the reprimand, the Nyali MP restructured his question to Chumo and described him as a suspect.


"Let me withdraw the statement and ask this way. You are in court because of corruption charges. Yo are alleged that you played a bigger part in Kenya power in terms of fleecing. What gives you the guts to ask for this job?" the lawmaker posed.

"That is a better professionally framed question," the chair applauded Ali.

The vetting of Mr Chumo for the SRC job has elicited an array of reaction among Kenyans.


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