IEBC’s new announcement to Raila over server access

On Tuesday, Raila Odinga's team complained that they had been denied access despite the court orders.

Early Tuesday, the Wafula Chebukat- led commission said that it had complied with orders as framed by the Supreme Court and maintained that all parties in the petition are going on with the scrutiny.

Earlier, the NASA team, through its lawyer Paul Mwangi had complained that they had been “stonewalled” and had not been allowed the read-only access as directed by the Supreme Court.

“They want to give already printed logs. It’s back to court in the morning,” Mwangi tweeted.

The Supreme Court on Monday ordered that the opposition “be granted a read-only access, which includes copying (if necessary) to” a list of 19 items that include IEBC servers, password policy and matrix, certified copies of certificates of penetration tests conducted on the IEBC election technology.

Nasa was also to access the log-in trail of users and equipment into the IEBC servers, log-in trails of users and equipment into the KIEMS database, administrative access log into the IEBC public portal between August 5, 2017 to date, certified photocopies of the original Forms 34A 34B and 34C, originals of the same forms and the scanned and transmitted copies of Forms 34A and B.

An ICT officer of the Judiciary and two independent contractors will also be required to submit a report to the court on the technological aspects by 5pm Tuesday.


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