Shebesh reveals details of the tense meeting at State House and underhand means used by DP Ruto's team to force Mariga's endorsement by Uhuru[Video]

Shebesh on the drama at State House and choreographed Mariga's endorsement photos

File image of President Uhuru Kenyatta with DP William Ruto

Fiery Rachel Shebesh has revealed details of the tense meeting at State House where Deputy President William Ruto allegedly used underhand means to arm-twist President Uhuru Kenyatta and coerce him into endorsing McDonald Mariga’s candidature for the Kibra constituency by-election.

Shebesh who was breathing fire at a women’s meeting in Kibra revealed that she was at State House on the day that DP Ruto went to State House and witnessed the whole drama on the day that photos of President Uhuru Kenyatta endorsing Mariga emerged.

Hiyo siku mnasikia ya kweka kofia mimi nilikuwa statehouse. Mimi najua namna waliingia state house na mlango ya nyuma. Mimi najua jinsi waliweka pressure ya hiyo piha mliona (On the day of Mariga’s endorsement, I was at State House. I know how they accessed using the back-door. I also know how they piled pressure for the photos that you saw online).” Shebesh declared.

She maintained that President Uhuru Kenyatta is solidly behind the handshake and did not utter even a single word to support Mariga’s candidature, an indication that the whole endorsement scene was a charade and choreographed against his wishes.

"Boss yetu Uhuru ako na voice…Kuna mahali aliongea? Si Uhuru ako na voice, akitaka kitu si anasema?Kwa nini picha bila voice?(Our boss Uhuru has a voice…Dis he utter even a single word (endorsing Mariga)? Doesn’t he have a voice to say what he wants? Why were there only photos without his speech?)”Shebesh fired.

The Gender Chief Administrative Secretary urged to rally behind the handshake a whose fruits they would enjoy, adding that it is President Kenyatta who looked for Raila Odinga to pursue national unity.

Fall-out and confusion in Jubilee

Initial reports indicated that Jubilee party was not keen on fielding a candidate for the Kibra seat but a team allied to DP Ruto insisted on doing so and even submitted Mariga’s name to IEBC.

In the confusion that ensued afterwards, Party Secretary General dismissed initial reports of Mariga contesting on a Jubilee party ticket before later on handing him the party ticket after a vetting exercise.

The decision has since created a rift in Jubilee with several MPs openly declaring that they would support ODM’s candidate Imran Okoth.

DP Ruto on the other hand has taken the Kibra race as a personal political battle, vowing to aggresivel campaign for Mariga until he wins the seat.

Below is the video of Shebesh's fiery speech.


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