Mutahi Ngunyi makes worrying revelations on Raila’s meetings in the US

The former prime minister larrive in Kenya on Friday after a ten-day trip to the US

Ngunyi claimed that the NASA leader had planned to visit the US, as well as London, to win over political support from Western governments.

On his weekly video column, Ngunyi alleged that the trip had been a big flop to the extent that Odinga was forced to cancel a planned trip to London in the United Kingdom.

“Mzungus always loved Raila, but this trip has shown their change of heart. His audience during the hyped lecture was filled with family and friends. The Trump adminitsrtaion shunned him. He hurriedly met an Assistant Minister for African people, one Senator, and a PA to a disinterred MP. All his meetings in London were cancelled,” the political analyst stated.

The analyst further claimed that Odinga’s rejection was also replicated in Kenya where the NASA coalition fell short of delivering their promise of a million-man match to welcome their leader.

“To get to power Raila will use blood as his currency of political negotiation. Uhuru should just arrest him and instead of the entire country burning, Kisumu will burn,” Ngunyi remarked.


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