How Raila was offered Sh25 billion to retire from politics

Mr Odinga reveals how he was offered a huge lump sum of money by powerful politicians to retire from active politics

National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga has revealed how powerful Jubilee politicians offered him a huge lump sum of money to retire from politics.

Speaking to MPs allied to the opposition coalition in a closed-door meeting, Mr Odinga claimed he had been a victim of bribery in what he claims is an elaborate plot by the Jubilee government to destabilise the opposition by targeting its leaders.

Raila said that he had been offered up to Sh25 billion by some individuals linked to Jubilee, to have him retire from politics.

“Somebody came to me with Sh3 billion so that I go into retirement. He later increased the figure to Sh5 billion, later Sh10 billion and finally to Sh25 billion. But I kicked the person out the way Jesus mocked the devil with his temptation,” he said, adding that similar attempts had been made on Mr Mudavadi.

He added that he had rejected the overtures the same way Jesus Christ did when he was tempted by the devil.

“Jubilee Party is watching our every step. They want to know Raila’s every move and I am sure they are listening to what I am saying here,” Mr Odinga told the legislators.

This came as it emerged on Saturday that Mr Odinga could be planning a trip to Washington to directly explain to American lawmakers the opposition’s position on the elections and Kenya’s political situation.

Mr Odinga asked the legislators and party officials to brace for a long political battle, in the wake of Jubilee's plan to destabilise the coalition, as it seeks to push for electoral justice.

He stated that the Jubilee plot involves approaching some Nasa leaders with promises of appointments to plum positions in government, enticing them with money and threatening those who do not play ball.

According to the Nasa leader, the scheme targets all the four principals in the coalition, led by himself, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, Mr Musalia Mudavadi and Mr Moses Wetang’ula.

Only Mr Mudavadi was present at the function. Mr Musyoka is in Germany on a private visit while Mr Wetang’ula was said to be out of town.

The scheme, Mr Odinga noted, is designed to isolate each of them to weaken the constituent parties in the coalition with the ultimate aim of boosting Jubilee’s dominance and effectively making Kenya a one-party State through the backdoor.

He also told the gathering that President Kenyatta’s government has grown increasingly uncomfortable with the rise of the resistance movement and had concluded that the only way out was to neutralise the opposition.

On Friday,members of the resistance movement held a press conference and listed the three companies that would be the subject of their economic boycott, announced by Mr. Odinga.

They called on their supporters to shun services and products from telecom Safaricom , milk processor Brookside and fast goods manufacturer Bidco Kenya; alleging that the corporates are affiliated to the Jubilee administration.


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