Is Orengo defying Raila?" worrying details emerge

Miguna issue at the centre

In what appeared like a gag order to ODM Members, Raila on Sunday instructed his troops to desist from engaging in the 2022 politics.

It was not lost to observers that the statement came hours after Orengo had declared his support for the Odinga presidency in 2022.

Just two days after Odinga issued the warning, Orengo insisted that he would not be intimidated and would continue pushing for the Raila candidature in 2022.

Orengo Raila differences

While Orengo has termed his campaign as a personal opinion, it also adds on to a trend where the two long-running political allies have read from different scripts.

During the ouster of former Senate Minority Leader Moses Wetangula, the Siaya Senator was reported to have defied Odinga's advise to allow the Ford Kenya Leader to complete his term.

Orengo eventually accepted the position even as Odinga appeared to have made a last minute effort to save Wetangula -perhaps in respect to the loyal Senior Counsel.

Miguna Return

Another incident that raised questions on Orengo's relationship with Odinga came during the Miguna Miguna purported redeportation.

Days to Miguna's return, Orengo alleged that Miguna's return was a condition in the unity deal reached between Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

"Uhuru has to be held accountable now, Any engagement with him in any process would be an act of impunity because he is condoning blatant and brazen defiance of court orders," the Siaya Senator declared.

Raila succession

Some pundits have suggested the Siaya Senator could be a potential successor to the NASA leader insofar as Luo Nyanza is concerned.

Knowing that power is always grabbed rather than granted on a silver platter, could it be that Orengo is planning to dethrone his master? Only time will tell

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