Raila reveals what will happen if Uhuru is announced winner of repeat polls

The NASA flag bearer had an in depth Interview with CNN

Speaking to CNN, the former Prime Minister revealed that even if Kenyatta is announced the winner after Thursday’s repeat election, the Jubilee Party leader will not have it easy ruling Kenya.

The opposition leader also advised Mr Kenyatta to resign because of the “low” voter turnout in Thursday’s poll. "The election was “a vote of no confidence”, said Raila during the Interview.

He added that he can only dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta on holding fresh elections in 90 days and nothing else.

Asked about the main reason of changing the NASA Coalition into a resistance movement, Odinga said that his decision are within the law.

“As you know, our Constitution allows for picketing, for striking, for peaceful processions, for protesting and so on, and for boycott. So, we have several other means which are legal and constitutional at our disposal, which we will bring into play to put pressure on this government,” he said.

However, Odinga stated the the Thursday elections where  sham and Jubilee are trying to doctor the results.

“This is just a sham, because it has basically removed the lid off the can for what Mr Kenyatta has been claiming; because hardly 25 percent of the people turned up to vote yesterday (Thursday). They are now trying to doctor the figures to increase it. But according to the KIEMS kits, which were used to biometrically identify the voters, only 3.5 million people participated in the voting yesterday. That is just about 20 per cent of the total registered voters. That shows, basically, that the people don’t have confidence. It is a vote of no confidence in the government of President Kenyatta. And if I were him, and I know that in most democracies, he would actually resign or step aside.” Added Raila


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