Religious leaders criticize President Uhuru Kenyatta

As he begins his second term in office, President Uhuru Kenyatta has come under sharp criticism from a section of the clergy.

The clergy faulted the head of state for congratulating the security forces for their dedication to service and maintaining security during the recently concluded elections.

In a statement, the clergy drawn under the umbrella “Migori Pastors One Accord” noted that the brutality of the police must come to an end for national unity.

Led by Bishop John Okinda of PEFA church, the clergy expressed their discontent at how the security forces handled the situation.

They expressed their concern that the president “chose to ignore the cries around police treatment of unarmed protests and NASA leader's safety concerns.”

During the electioneering period, several people were shot dead with the opposition and the civil society linking the police to the shootings.

They further accused the police of using excessive force on unarmed civilians.

The religious leaders called for unity, stating that they “want the president and the Opposition leaders to calm the situation. Let them rally and rein in on their support bases to help reconcile the country.”

Kenyatta’s statement drew mixed reactions from Kenyans.


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