"Politics is one thing"…this is what Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore thinks about the boycott launched by Raila Odinga’s-led NASA against the multi-billion telecommunication company after the bungled 2017 General Election.

Speaking during an exclusive interview on JKL, Mr Collymore revealed that Odinga and other politicians who publicly opposed Safaricom contacted him while undergoing cancer treatment in London.

“I was getting messages from very many people, customers, politicians even from the people who were trying to resist,” he said.

He added: "Many of the political leaders reached out and they were in touch. I spoke to Raila several times. I also spoke with the with the Deputy President and His Excellency."

Now that the resistance movement was called off by the former Prime Minister, Collymore says that he regularly teases Odinga every time he calls him.

"I still tease Raila when he calls, I tell him you couldn’t resist me now what do you want," he said jokingly.

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The Safaricom boss further divulged that he talked to both Mr Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta after the much-publicised handshake which saw the two leaders bury the hatchet amid heated political tension that was negatively affecting businesses.

"I spoke to both handshake parties while in London," he said.

Collymore described the handshake as good news and went on to praise Kenyatta and Odinga for resolving to be statesmen.

"When I saw the handshake I thought Thank Goodness. You know Kenyans are tremendously resilient people but there was only so much you can stretch. That divide was not really helping the country because we are a single nation," he said.

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