Strong statement issued after Deputy Governor's Facebook post

Deputy Governor causing trouble on Facebook

Strong statement issued after Garissa Deputy Governor Dogane Abdi's Facebook post

Politicians from Garissa County issued a strong statement distancing themselves from a Facebook rant by Deputy Governor Dogane Abdi against the county government.

The section of ward representatives called a meeting with the press to disown the statement as an immature approach to addressing a personal problem.

The MCAs further noted that they have no issue with how Governor Ali Korane is running matters at the county offices, the main issue that pushed Mr Dogane to take his lament to Facebook.

"We are shocked by the turn of events and even more so the manner in which he decided to express his frustrations as a mature leader you try to consult widely before resorting to what the deputy governor did," Holugho MCA Adow Mohamed stated.

His Masalani counterpart Abubakar Shide noted: "We are gathered here today to distance ourselves as a community from the deputy governors Facebook statement that he purported to be expressing on behalf of our community. We want to categorically dismiss the statement as personal."

Fiery Facebook post by Deputy Governor Dogane Abdi

In his post, DG Dogane accused Governor Korane of sidelining him and conducting business against a pre-outlined system in a coalition agreement.

"As a principal assistant and the most senior county official from the Samawadal community, I would not bargain with anybody for the rights of my people and the programs that they're entitled to.

"Lots of anomalies and lack of due considerations and consultations are among the key issues that my boss [Governor Korane] should address for an effective leadership that is endowed with the blessings of the electorates," his post read in part.


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