Mutahi Ngunyi makes new prediction on Supreme Court petition against Uhuru

The prediction came as a local civil society group is expected to move to the Supreme Court on Monday.

Ngunyi opined that the petition against President Kenyatta was unlikely to take place, citing a past incident where the Supreme Court was unable to listen to a matter after it failed to raise quorum.

The political analyst noted that one of the judges, Justice Mohamed Ibrahim was still recuperating abroad, which meant the Supreme Court bench would only have six judges.

He further hypothesized that Justices Njoki Ndung’u, Philomena Mwilu, and Smokin Wanjala could miss the much awaited petition, causing a quorum hitch.

“If on the 25 October the Supreme Court did not sit because of a quorum hitch, what would happen if Raila filed a case and there is no quorum?” the analyst wondered.

According to Ngunyi, NASA leader Raila Odinga had exhausted his value in the Kenyan political scene.

The professor of political economy stated that Odinga had made a mistake by boycotting the repeat election which effectively denied him any leverage.

“By boycotting the repeat election, Raila wasted three opportunities. Perhaps he could have won, or he could have forced a run off and buy himself a second chance, or he could have forced a coalition government if he had lost narrowly,” Ngunyi stated.

The political scientist prophesied doom on the NASA coalition’s economic boycott which he opined was unlikely to resolve much.

To avoid the political paralysis, Ngunyi advised President Kenyatta to use a proposal by the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), which had proposed creation of the office of Prime Minister, and poach Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka for the position.

“I want to confirm to the country that Raila has conceded defeat. He has fallen on his sword. When history is written, it will be that Raila got 0.9 percent of vote. The boycott will be a footnote but the text will be that Raila failed,” the analyst concluded.


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