What Raila is planning to do to Kalonzo & Mudavadi for Misleading him

Raila did not want to boycott the elections

In his analysis titled: End of Year Report Card for Uhuru & Raila – Mr. Ngunyi opined that the trio was responsible for ill-leading Mr. Odinga which seemingly led to the current situation NASA has found itself in.

“Now we will grade the bearded sisters (referring to Kalonzo, Mudavadi, and Wetangula) of NASA, we will give them a generous D- for misusing the genius of Baba shame of them,” the political scientist said.

Ngunyi divulged that the former Prime Minister did not want to boycott the fresh presidential election held on October 26 highlighting that he was prompted to do so by his co-principals, who assured him there was a great advantage in doing so.

He stated that if the NASA leader participated in the fresh poll he could have had a chance in Government.

Election Boycott

“Raila did not want to boycott the election in fact if he had not boycotted the election, and he got 45-percent of the votes on October 26th, a coalition Government would have been inevitable in my view but this was not good for the bearded sisters and their future, And that is why they had to botch it," he said.

Ngunyi further poked holes on Odinga's controversial swearing-in ceremony which was earlier scheduled for December 12, 2017. He mentioned that it was a scheme hatched by the Wiper Party leader, ANC’s Mudavadi and Bungoma Senator Mr. Wetangula to embarrass Odinga.

According to Ngunyi NASA has been making one mistake after another because of the bad advice Odinga has been receiving from his leaders.

“Then these foolish sisters advised Raila to swear himself in. They knew that this was high treason but they also knew that Raila would cancel the swearing-in and if he did it, this would take him many years to recover yet they did it to embarrass Raila. This was a case of careless mistake of one bad decision after another. This was not an accident it was sheer mischieve," he said.

Raila's action

However, the prof Ngunyi opined that Odinga will ruthlessly deal with the three leaders for constantly misguiding him.

"But Raila will have the last laugh on the bearded sisters, he will roast them one by one in my view. The matter is not whether he will do it or not the question is when he will do it," Ngunyi  mentioned.

This comes after the NASA leader on Sunday insisted that he will still be sworn in as the People’s President.

"I am going to carry the Bible. Nobody will stop me from carrying the Bible,” the Opposition leader affirmed.

Mr. Odinga noted that though he gave President Uhuru Kenyatta time to hold talks with NASA leaders he will not wait anymore.

Speaking in Mombasa he divulged: “We have held ourselves back in the last few days in the hope that some kind of common will, will prevail, but we are not going to be patient forever.“Anybody who does not see that we are at a tipping point does not live in Kenya,”  he said.


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