Audit trail reveals Uhuru and Ruto's extra Sh111 Million salary

A pay trail conducted by the Auditor General showed that the duo received an extra Sh111 million to their salaries.

According to the payroll data by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), the two are intended to earn Sh36.6 Million under the Consolidated Funds Services.

However, the Auditor General Edward Ouko in his report highlighted a huge difference of money  for the year from June 2016 that displayed a Sh111.8 Million add to the approved pay for the period starting 2013 to June 2017.

The SRC pay guide instructs that Kenyatta’s monthly salary ranges between Sh1.23 Million and Sh1.65 Million while Mr Ruto's monthly pay was Sh1.05 Million and Sh1.4 Million.

Sources at the Treasury told Business Daily that the extra Sh111 Million could be as a result of their executive office benefits.

The Treasury in a separate budget estimate document showed the two executives will enjoy a combined allowances worth Sh14.6 Million. However, the breakdown was not disclosed.

The government has been on an ongoing battle to control the cash crunch that has plagued the country’s economy.

In light of this, the president and his deputy’s salaries were reduced in July from Sh1.6 Million to Sh1.4 Million and Ruto’s from Sh1.4 Million to Sh1.2 Million. The cut, according to SRC, will save the government Sh8 Billion annually.


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