Are you going to create a position for Raila in Government? – Uhuru answers

Hard Talk with Uhuru

Speaking during an interview on BBC’s Hard Talk, Mr. Kenyatta stated that his collaboration with Odinga was about uniting Kenyans after divisive elections that left the country highly polarized.

He noted that the handshake was nothing to do with two ethnic communities coming together but about Kenyans uniting.

"The handshake denoted that we as leaders are saying that regardless of our ethnic background, political differences we will not allow or never allow it to divide us. And we will work together to ensure that political differences will not result in ethnic or religious animosity."

"It also meant that we agreed to go round and preach that ideas will override personal interest and we are going to fight the ills that challenge our society," he said.

The Head of State further stated that he will not contravene the Constitution in a bid to create a position for Odinga, the former Prime Minister.

"Why should we create new positions? There are no new positions in our Government. We work according to the constitution," he said.

President Kenyatta noted that this, however, does not mean he cannot partner with Mr. Odinga in the development of Kenya.

Asked on whether he was willing to extend his term as President in case of a referendum, Kenyatta maintained that the current Constitution does not support that, hence, he was ready to exit from power come 2022.


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