Why Babu Owino and Jaguar will apologise in parliament

What they did was found to be punishable by law

MPs Babu Owino and Charles Jaguar during a function in Starehe constituency

The two MPs were reprimanded by the Powers and Privileges Committee, which is chaired by Muturi, over their fight that was caught on camera.

The two MPs exchanged blows within Parliament buildings in October 2017 while an afternoon session had just begun.

The Starehe member claimed to have been defending the president's honour after Owino allegedly disrespected him.

"We will teach you a lesson Babu, you must respect the President," Njagua was heard saying, moments before the fight.

In response, Owino stated, "Which president? The only president I know is Raila Odinga."


The two later posted photos of their reconciliation on their social media platforms and have since been seen collaborating on projects.

Speaker Muturi's team, however, insisted that they must publicly offer an apology to the House.

The committee noted that they had acted in a manner that brought ridicule to Parliament and their fellow legislators.

In a report, the committee also cautioned the two that their action had been a breach of privilege hence punishable by law.

The committee did not prescribe a date for the apology but it is expected that they will issue their statements when the report is tabled for adoption at the National Assembly.


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